will turn your project into reality.

You can bring a sketch on a sheet of paper or a CAD drawing, and we will bring it to life. 

Make a great product thanks to an experienced plastic fabrication shop with
Desert Star Plastics is a manufacturer of plastic fabrications.
This means that we create various plastic products from scratch that cannot be made by specialized machinery due to design specifications or the required quantity.
Gluing in Plastic Fabrication
"connect four" custom game
convenience store display
The plastic is heated to a forming temperature, stretched onto a single-surface mold, and then forced against the mold by a vacuum. This process can be used to create permanent objects, such as turnpike signs and protective covers, from plastic material.

Typically, draft angles are included in the design of the mold, with a recommended minimum of 3°. This design feature eases the removal of the formed plastic part from the mold.
ABS molded part
clear PETG molded part
Die cutting is the general process of using a die to shear webs of low-strength materials, such as rubber, fiber, foil, cloth, paper, corrugated fiberboard, paperboard, plastics, pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, foam and sheet metal.
die-cut of styrene
Desert Star Plastics owns two CNC routers, measuring 60″ by 120″. This allows for cutting and some machining for a variety of designs and plastics. All we need is the information to cut your parts with precision and on time.
A CO2 laser allows for the cutting and engraving of various types of plastic. For cutting, thanks to the thin beam (5000th of an inch),the shape of the cut could be tricky . 
For engraving, it’s important to consider how the plastic will look after being heated. Some plastics change color, while others do not, making it difficult to see the engraving. It is important to note that not all plastics can be laser-cut. For some, the result can be quite unattractive and unappealing. If you have any doubts, be sure to ask us for guidance.
My Best Friend - Donation Box
donation box DJ200
“Do you need us to come out to your store, house, or business to take measurements? Our rate is $85 per hour plus $0.80 cents per mile, with a minimum charge of 2 hours. We can measure and install your required windows, machine guards, and safety guards.”
"connect four" custom game
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