Clean and sanitize plastics

Plastic is a man-made product and due to its high static properties, it attracts dust very easily.

 As a lot of things are made of plastic including boxes, containers, patio furniture, children’s toys, shower curtains, dishes, etc.,( you name it and it could be done in plastic), it is a 21 century issue.

In these times of medical fear due to viruses, it makes sense to know how to clean and sanitize your plastic products without ruining them.

 To bring a little bit of science into the discussion, you need to be aware that plastic, coming from oil, is very sensitive to alcohol and ammonia, among other chemicals. These chemicals interfere with the way the molecules are bonded together.

 Knowing this, to clean the plastic, Windex or Windex-like products, alcohol, ammonium quaternary, and ammonia are the worst enemy. The plastic could craze(meaning micro cracks) and will become brittle.

 To clean it, use mild dish soap and water. This is the best cleaner. If you have a heavy stain, you can find some plastic cleaner in retail stores. 

To disinfect it, bleach will not harm it, and 3% hydrogen peroxide will do the job. If you really need to use alcohol, use isopropyl alcohol at 30% diluted in water.


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