GLUE THE WOOD TO ACRYLIC   Is there a market for that? Really, I do not know.  On my search to glue acrylic together without bubbles and easily, I found a way to glue the Plexiglas/ acrylic to the hardwood. Usually, when a fabricator wants to hold a Plexiglas panel on a wood panel, either they are using screws or they are making a groove in the wood, they put some glue type epoxy and slide the acrylic panel in it. Doing so, the glue is not visible. For a table, they are using gravity. The legs are in acrylic and the plate in wood. That holds with screws from the bottom of the wood. With the technology developed at Desert Star Plastics, we can buttjoint the wood and the acrylic and have a perfect invisible bonding.   Now, here is the catch. We are not good in design. Since nobody did that before, there are no original designs that take full advantage of this new capability. If somebody has an idea, feel free to contact us at Thank you  

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